Sri Sai Sannidi

Daily Programs

  • Daily Programs:

      6:15 A:M— Morning Harathi

      8:30 A:M— Harathi

      12:00 P:M– Madhyana Harathi

      6:30 PM—- Sandhya Harathi

      8:00 PM—- Rathri Harathi

  • Besides these daily schedules, various other programs are also conducted at the temple as follows:
  • On the first Thursday of every month, the temple conducts Satya Sai Vratham.
  • On every Pournami the temple conducts Samohika Satyanarayan Vratham
  • On every Thursday a program called Annadhanam is conducted by the temple which is witnessed by more than 2000 devotees.
  • The Annadhanam program conducted by the temple is very popular among the devotees and gets a huge response.


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